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Agenzia Peliti Associati

our most recent website launch is for the italian communication agency Peliti Associati, with offices in Milan and Rome.





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good luck

Even if they can’t put “writer” on business cards, writer can always publish books. Barbara’s new novel will be out next week, printed by a major italian publisher.

She let us read the manuscript this past summer and we started thinking about a book trailer for the launch. We decided to introduce all the main characters in a graphic animation.



And after some more sketching and computer stuff, this is the final result:

Thanks to Barbara Fiorio for letting us play with her words and to Marco Caprelli, who provided the original music for the book trailer.

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Sapori & Sapere labels

The guys at Sapori e Sapere (for whom we designed a set of icons a while ago) put together their selection of food and delicatessen products and needed an identity to brand the products for shipping and for the displays in the shop.


We designed a set of cap seals and labels with a one-size-fits-all approach. Our concept was to use the smallest possible size (to fit the diminutive hot pesto jar), and design it in a way that would look good on a big bottle of tomato sauce. We wanted to leave as much surface free of paper, to make the beautiful textures of the food shine through the glass.

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happy 2013

We were sending our new year cards to our BELOVED clients (if you didn’t receive one you have the next 12 months to fix that, or print the image below and slip it into your mailbox)


… when the Sz suddenly pointed out that we make videos and we should make a video-card.

10 seconds later…


… a few hours later…


…and here it is.

Happy 2013!

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santa is swimming to town

I can’t remember who was the first one to have the idea of sending us octopus-like souvenirs, but since we started our activity we received from our friends many objects, pictures, books and odd stuff representing our tentacled pal.
(please leave actual animals in the sea!).
We had a good laugh when we received a wishes card from Umberto (you might remember him for the incredible Moby Dick illustrations), depicting a Santa-clad octopus with an attitude.


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it was the end of the world as we knew it


we decided during our Christmas meeting that it was the time for us to have a website.

never too late

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when the whale meets the pholpo during christmas time


we designed christmas and new year’s cards for Altamarea Film.


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