In the last weeks of 2014 we were asked to produce a launch video for a Kickstarter campaign for a geiger counter that could be friendly, affordable and easy to use. For Sergey, who grew up in Russia in the years after the Chernobyl disaster, the motivation to work at this project was very personal.
We decided to work on the script starting from his story, and developed motion graphics to illustrate his voiceover.


The main idea for the project, and for the video, was to put a friendly face on something that has been synonymous with scare and danger: geiger counters have always been clunky, expensive devices (and a little creepy we might add).



So we decided that this video should be colourful and animated with a friendly tone, avoiding all the negative connotations that have been historically tied to geiger counters and radioactivity in everyday life. Here’s the final video:

Music: “Wavelets” by Nakano Syun is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence.
Video & photography: Anna Vladimirova

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