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teste matte

The second publication in the new ‘real fiction’ books collection by Italian publishing company Chiarelettere, “Teste Matte”, by Guido Lombardi and Salvatore Striano, is a fictional account inspired by real facts describing the rise of a young gang in Naples during the 80s.


We designed the cover inspired by the cinematic feel of the story (which has already been optioned for a movie project).


The cover features a detail of a photograph by cyop&kaf, from their reportage work ‘Il Segreto’.

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biblioteca chiarelettere


Italian publishing company Chiarelettere asked us to work on the identity for their new series of classic essays, called ‘Biblioteca’.


We wanted to give the covers a strong sense of the authority and timelessness of the books, a challenge for the series’ format: paperback pocket book.



We went for an extremely simple cover design, to emphasize author and title, with a debossed typeface. We decided to experiment on the back, by creating a strong typographical composition of a meaningful quote, almost a manifesto for each book.


The first three books, by Antonio Gramsci, Leon Trotsky and Don Lorenzo Milani, will be in bookshops at the end of May.


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professione lolita

The italian publishing company Chiarelettere, for which we designed the covers for their paperback reprints collection last year, asked us to work on the identity for their new ‘real fiction’ books, the first of which is “Professione lolita” by Daniele Autieri, a noir tale inspired by a real story about an underage prostitution ring discovered in the last years in Rome.


We worked with illustrator Umberto Torricelli for the cover image and put together the identity of the collection playing with the contrast of red and black, and reducing the graphical elements to let the illustration shine.


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tascabili chiarelettere

The italian publishing company Chiarelettere recently issued the first volumes of their new collection of paperbacks reprints of essays and non fiction books.
We worked on the design of the covers and from the start the biggest challenge was how to evolve from their existing iconic layout and maintain the strong recognizable elements while refreshing the look and integrate pictures in the covers.


We decided to keep the color scheme and add a slanted graphical element to lay out the typographic elements of the cover.
The grey frame, together with the slanted bar for the title, creates the inset for the photographs, chosen to represent iconic moments and concepts of the books’ topics.

You can see the full collection of covers here.

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Abitare l’Esistente

Architect Cesare Piva just completed a monography about his renovation projects: “Abitare l’Esistente” (“Inhabiting the existing”). He asked us to design the cover for the book, published in Italy by AIÓN. This is the printed result:



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