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silent sleep

we designed this poster for Silent Sleep, the music project of Chris McIntosh.
Here you could hear some music samples (and buy the songs too!)


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justus & dega

poster for Sebastian Dega and Justus Saretz gig


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how does venice work?


As some of you might know, our company – pholpo – was born in Venice, Italy. The name itself (pronounced ‘folpo’) means ‘octopus’ in the Venetian dialect.
We moved to Berlin soon after, but our hearts (and sometimes our bodies), often go back there, between little alleys and stinky canals, with the unmissable glass of wine.
Wait, stinky canals?
Have you ever wondered what really goes on down there?

Our friend Nicolò Scibilia, a director and filmmaker, was tasked by Insula (the company that manages Venice’s urban infrastructure), to write and film a short documentary about Venice’s inner workings. He (beautifully) filmed everything he could, but many of the things he wanted to show and explain were underwater, inside walls or underground.


pholpo to the rescue! We teamed with him to illustrate and animate a series of infographic segments dedicated to the unfilmable bits of the story.

The result of our efforts, Venice Backstage, has gathered more than 100.000 views since its publication and has been featured in many international websites.


You can see a sample of the animations on our vimeo page, check out the full version here, or learn more about the project on the official website.

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