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Sapori & Sapere labels

The guys at Sapori e Sapere (for whom we designed a set of icons a while ago) put together their selection of food and delicatessen products and needed an identity to brand the products for shipping and for the displays in the shop.


We designed a set of cap seals and labels with a one-size-fits-all approach. Our concept was to use the smallest possible size (to fit the diminutive hot pesto jar), and design it in a way that would look good on a big bottle of tomato sauce. We wanted to leave as much surface free of paper, to make the beautiful textures of the food shine through the glass.

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when the whale meets the pholpo during christmas time


we designed christmas and new year’s cards for Altamarea Film.


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say it with… words

Barbara is a writer but she didn’t know what to write on her business cards. Apparently writers cannot write “writer” on their cards, so we thought maybe they could quote their own writings… simple, isn’t it?
These are some of the 47 designs we came up with:





(the actual cards are smaller than what you see on your screen)

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when the whale meets the pholpo

this is the minimal website we realized for Altamarea Film, a production company based in Milan.





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we got paid in fettuccine (yay!)*

The people at Sapori e Sapere needed a set of icons to represent the different sections of their online catalogue of food delicacies, here’s what we came up with:

* we are Italians after all

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silent sleep

we designed this poster for Silent Sleep, the music project of Chris McIntosh.
Here you could hear some music samples (and buy the songs too!)


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