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UNI #iomiunisco


Milan based creative company The Key got in touch with us for the production of a launch video for UNI and their association campaign #iomiunisco. The goal of the video was to explain what are the benefits and goals for joining UNI, the Italian normative institute.


The script from the agency was aimed at being friendly and clearly understandable by everybody, so we decided to use an illustration style that could bring together instant familiarity and touch of humour.


The music, or should we say the score in this case, has been provided by our ever resourceful friends, Der Pfau. You can see the final result on our Vimeo page.

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Last January we got in touch with the German electronic voting company Polyas, which was on a complete overhaul of their branding.
They asked us to work on a teaser video highlighting their values and the features of their products. For this phase, they didn’t want to feature the product itself, but wanted to use a different tone that would explain visually the core concepts of their work.


We worked on the script, illustration and animation of the video teaser, that was produced both in English and German. Due to the amount of typographic animations featured in the video, we were a bit scared of the German adaptation, but apart from a a couple of instances it turned out to be a very smooth process.
Here you can see the English version (the German one is on our Vimeo page).

As usual, the excellent music track was provided by Der Pfau.

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In the last weeks of 2014 we were asked to produce a launch video for a Kickstarter campaign for a geiger counter that could be friendly, affordable and easy to use. For Sergey, who grew up in Russia in the years after the Chernobyl disaster, the motivation to work at this project was very personal.
We decided to work on the script starting from his story, and developed motion graphics to illustrate his voiceover.


The main idea for the project, and for the video, was to put a friendly face on something that has been synonymous with scare and danger: geiger counters have always been clunky, expensive devices (and a little creepy we might add).



So we decided that this video should be colourful and animated with a friendly tone, avoiding all the negative connotations that have been historically tied to geiger counters and radioactivity in everyday life. Here’s the final video:

Music: “Wavelets” by Nakano Syun is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence.
Video & photography: Anna Vladimirova

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happy 2014

Another year, another video to go with the greeting cards we send our clients and friends over the Holidays. Didn’t get one? Hire us in 2014!
This time we decided that the next 12 months will be somewhat psychedelic (both in visible and invisible ways), so we swiftly turned to the ever resourceful music providers Der Pfau for a suitable soundtrack to inspire and guide us.
Their result was – as usual – spot on and beautiful.
Watch the video below and let yourself float downstream… (don’t miss the tibetan monks!).

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memory of trees

We did the motion design for Kathryn Cook’s ‘Memory of Trees’ photographic multimedia project. The video debuted at the artist’s exhibition in Marseille, during the Marseille-Provence 2013 European Capital of Culture program.
Photography by Kathryn Cook
Picture editing and video narrative by Annalisa D’Angelo
Music and sound design by Simonluca Laitempergher
Sponsored by Marseille Provence 2013

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Syneo Tools

we’ve been asked to write, illustrate and animate a promo video to introduce Syneo Tools, a new company that focuses on producing tailor-made interactive sales tools.



The music was provided by Der Pfau and the voice-over by Stephan Rau.

And here is the complete video:

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Bosch / ISH 2013

We’ve been asked to design and animate a video loop for Bosch’s stand at the ISH 2013 in Frankfurt.
The video was to be displayed on an ultra-panoramic stripe of four HD videos, installed at the entrance of the stand.

The script focused on seven key topics inspired from Bosch’s mission and history.

We created seven short animations to represent them, focusing on simple illustrations and a minimal animation style.

The video was created for Syneo.
You can see the complete project on our vimeo page.

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Reportage Festival 2013 – Sydney

We have just delivered the video promo for the 2013 edition of the Reportage Photography Festival, which will be held in Sydney from May 25 to June 13.

We’ve worked at the concept and produced the motion graphics. Der Pfau provided the original music score.

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good luck

Even if they can’t put “writer” on business cards, writer can always publish books. Barbara’s new novel will be out next week, printed by a major italian publisher.

She let us read the manuscript this past summer and we started thinking about a book trailer for the launch. We decided to introduce all the main characters in a graphic animation.



And after some more sketching and computer stuff, this is the final result:

Thanks to Barbara Fiorio for letting us play with her words and to Marco Caprelli, who provided the original music for the book trailer.

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