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happy 2014

Another year, another video to go with the greeting cards we send our clients and friends over the Holidays. Didn’t get one? Hire us in 2014!
This time we decided that the next 12 months will be somewhat psychedelic (both in visible and invisible ways), so we swiftly turned to the ever resourceful music providers Der Pfau for a suitable soundtrack to inspire and guide us.
Their result was – as usual – spot on and beautiful.
Watch the video below and let yourself float downstream… (don’t miss the tibetan monks!).

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happy 2013

We were sending our new year cards to our BELOVED clients (if you didn’t receive one you have the next 12 months to fix that, or print the image below and slip it into your mailbox)


… when the Sz suddenly pointed out that we make videos and we should make a video-card.

10 seconds later…


… a few hours later…


…and here it is.

Happy 2013!

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santa is swimming to town

I can’t remember who was the first one to have the idea of sending us octopus-like souvenirs, but since we started our activity we received from our friends many objects, pictures, books and odd stuff representing our tentacled pal.
(please leave actual animals in the sea!).
We had a good laugh when we received a wishes card from Umberto (you might remember him for the incredible Moby Dick illustrations), depicting a Santa-clad octopus with an attitude.


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