the quest for a real hard hob

The Quest for a Real Hard Hob (Hard Hob for friends), is a musical / film / live show project that is being produced by a group of friends here in Berlin.
It’s the story of a robot that wakes up in a future post-apocalyptic Berlin and… well, I’ll leave you to discover the rest by yourself: you can follow the project on their website and on Facebook.

We helped Andy Millington (the show’s creator, director and main promoter) in putting together a promo video for the initial round of production and funding.
The project was very challenging: a mix of live action (the backgrounds and some of the first-person segments were videotaped), photography (for the scene settings) and drawings (the main character has been assembled from a series of sketches).


We discussed with Andy the development from the storyboards and worked together on every further phase: compositing, animation, editing, music sync and the final visual effects.


The final video has been used in live showcase performances and has become the style reference for the development of the complete animated production.

You can check out the final version here.

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